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I just wanted you all to see this:…

A photo essay from a Magnum photographer about the chernobyl disaster.
It's incredible.
It's what photo journalistic photography is about.
It rocked my world in so many ways... it's indescribable.
It represents everything photography is meant to be -> MAKING AN IMPACT.
And this has made an impact.
I would like everyone too see it, to feel it, and to cry.
Because the ones that never cry, have no heart. (And no, you cynical bastards, this is not EMO. This is life.)
I now understand why the group is called Magnum. Because their photos hit you like a bullet in the head from a .44 Magnum.

Just take a look and think.
For the love of god, think.

Anyone living in Slovenia (or some places in Europe) should take a look at the calendar. See? It's the 6th of april. APRIL. Now, take a look outside. Correct. It's snowing. It's snowing in f***-ing APRIL (I could be overreacting). Don't take me wrong, snow is great till the end of february, then it should go away, this is crazy.
Could it be that global warming : mankind = 1 : 0 ?

New shots coming soon thanks to a scanner a friend lent me (wohoo)!

Have a good one,

Well, I went from digital to film.
One can say I downgraded.
Or have I ?
Having shot my first roll of slide film I can safely say I have much to learn. Film brings out all the mistakes that I've been doing, and I love it. The color fidelity of slides is awesome and for me, right now, I'd want no other medium. Not for a while :) (untill I can afford the 22MP Mamiya ZD (yeah right:P)). I won't submit any of the slides even though I have scans of them, because I think that they're not nearly good enough and I do not want to disappoint. Maybe they're ok considering the fact it's my first roll of slide film, but not good enough. I've got a new passion for photography now, and I will try to make the best out of it.
It shall be a long and fun process, getting to know the basics of real photography.
I hope I'll create better photos from now on.
I shall do my best!

Cya! :)

P.S.: Thanks to SuloinenEnkeli and everyone else that featured me in their journals (even though it was not really deserved, not yet)
P.P.S.: Thanks to everyone that bothered to read this :)
Well, yeah, big deal, 500 pageviews. My life stopped for a moment and all that. :) Anyways, have a good time ppl and thanks for watching!
Just got Wide and Telephoto converters for my Powershot, yet crappy weather is preventing me from taking them on a test drive.

Shiny new gadgets... :)
The migration from my previous account is complete! Yaay :)